Guide to choose the best dry food for your indoor cat

Guide to choose the best dry food for your indoor cat

It is true, our favorite pets not only take a place in our homes but also in our hearts. If you are a cat owner, we bet that nothing can beat the snuggle of your cat in draining away the day’s tiredness. And what’s the best way to return the love other than giving your cat the best dry cat food?

Indoor cats have different nutritional needs that are very different from outdoor cats. The food you feed your cat will reflect through his health. Feeding him a good high-quality diet is important; however, several options and opinions from other cat owners can leave you drowned in confusion. You should consider several factors before deciding on the best dry food for your indoor cat.

Consider your cat’s age – The food you present your cat with should totally be appropriate for his age. Cats progress through the age phase of being kittens, adults, and seniors. What you feed your cat totally depends on the life phase that it is in. If you have a senior cat, he does not need as much energy food as a growing kitten will. A low-fat diet with easily digestible proteins eases the burden on your cat’s digestive system. Several brands develop dry cat food that is specially formulated for your cat who falls in the senior age category.

Allergic ingredients – When buying dry food for your cat, do look out for ingredients that your cat can be allergic to. A lot of cats are allergic to grains such as soy, wheat, corn, etc. Feeding your cat food that contains such offenders can lead to its stomach reacting.

Special diet restrictions – Do consider the diet restrictions of your cat. If your cat is overweight, further feeding of heavy food will only aggravate the problem. Moreover, a slender cat needs just enough fats and carbs to maintain it’s weight. Also, there is food that is specially formulated for cats who face digestive or urinary tract problems.

Choose from well-known brands – Do a good research on brands that offer dry cat food. Zero in on a brand that is reputed and has been around for a long time. Do not go for a brand that is relatively new, especially if you haven’t heard about it before.

Purchase a trial pack – You are not going to be sure if your cat is going to like the food that you pour into the bowl. Most brands offer smaller or sample packs that will let you test the preference of your cat. Buying a large pack of dry cat food that your cat doesn’t like with put in a lot of money and food to waste.