Quick iced coffee recipes that you should try today

Quick iced coffee recipes that you should try today

Is the onset of spring making you want to sip on an iced beverage? Then there is undoubtedly nothing better than a delicious cup of iced coffee. A perfect blend, iced-coffee can amazingly serve your craving for coffee and dessert as well. We bet, the idea of one can make you squeal.
So what are waiting for? Craving a quick iced coffee but don’t want to splurge dollars on that fancy iced coffee? We have you covered. You don’t need to bring out the chef in you and merely follow these simple ideas. Viola, you’ll be rewarded with the tastiest iced coffee.

Iced coffee date – If you love your mornings and cannot kick-start your day without a cup of iced coffee, here is a healthy and delicious coffee variant. Prepare your usual coffee with some ice, milk and coffee and few chopped dates. This is a naturally sweetened iced coffee is a great energiser and is yummy too.

Chocolate iced coffee – Can’t live without chocolate? Most people can not. Chocolate is magical ingredient that can taste good in anything. So throw in some coffee with milk and ice, add in an ounce of chocolate flakes or powder and enjoy your chocolaty iced coffee.

Coconut iced coffee – Want to rock your morning the healthy way, iced coffee with coconut water is the way to go. All you have to do is brew some coffee with water and then add in your fresh coconut water. Drop in some ice cubes and enjoy this refreshing iced tea.

Ice-cream iced coffee – Well, this sounds like the best iced coffee variant right. Blend a mixture of milk, ice and coffee concentrate together. Pour it into a glass and add a generous dollop of ice-cream over. Although this iced coffee idea is high on calories, it is great for your cheat days.

Almond iced coffee – Almonds come with a whole lot of goodness. Substitute usual milk and add in some almond milk to a mix of iced tea and coffee. This beverage is high in protein and equally tasty. Don’t forget to garnish with a drizzle some crushed almonds.

Classic iced coffee – Want to stay awake all night, try this classic iced coffee. Brew fresh coffee and pour it over a few ice cubes. This cold beverage will keep you wide-eyed with its high caffeine concentration.

Cookie and cream iced coffee – Blend in some cream, coffee and ice cubes together. Throw in some crushed cookies and enjoy the of cookie adding crush to your iced drink. The tastiest, this one is irresistible.

Hope you enjoyed your iced coffee till your heart’s content.