Trace your family tree

Trace your family tree

Curious about your ancestry? Why not conduct a genealogical research to trace your family tree running into generations? Yes, it can be done. Though it is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, but it isn’t necessarily an expensive affair. This is possible mainly because of the census data collected by the US government, which would have all the crucial details such as the name, birth date, place and so on, maintained as a repository. The websites that offer to facilitate such genealogical searches rely on such basic information to help you with free ancestry searches.

Start your search right at home
The best place to start your search is from the National Archives, where you can find census records, military records, immigration records, naturalization and land records. By digging through such records, you may come across vital information, which could be missing in one document, but present in another. With consistent effort, you may well be able to go as far as the 1700s. Your ancestors are most likely to be early immigrants who settled in the country or the native inhabitants.

In the case of native population, it predominantly depends on their documentation procedures and varies greatly between each tribe or ethnic group. With the early settlers, there are numerous records available, thanks to the widespread interest in this area and the research that have been carried out resulting in extensive documentation. For instance, The Statue of Liberty- Ellis Island Foundation has a database on scores of passengers who ever entered the country through the port. So your search might start here and as you go, you will find yourself looking for information in several other countries where your ancestors might have lived and traveled to.

Utilize the endless resources scattered all around you
Be it any country, birth records, death records and marriage records would serve as a connection. If you hit a roadblock, do not worry. There are many online forums and resources available wherein you can seek free ancestry advice such as social media communities and informational websites.

Apart from the government resources, you may turn to websites such as the WorldGenWbe Project, Geneology Today, Geneabios, Family Tree, etc. They provide the right tools and resources to proceed with your quest in a more efficient manner. Since there is no hard and fast rule to go about this, try any or all of these sites and you are sure to stumble upon a clue because you gain access to even ration books, criminal record, and business cards. Remember, it’s like solving a puzzle, perseverance is the key!